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The Insider is the school’s magazine with 6 issues being published every academic year. Each issue contains various articles, quizes, reviews and, most importantly, a gossip page about SSE Riga Students. Don’t miss the opportunity to put your journalism skills to the test!


Days of Opportunities (DoO) is the oldest and most prestigious organisation in SSE Riga. DoO has been organising the annual career fair since the School was founded. Every year, international companies and government institutions from all over the Baltics, as well as recognized universities offering Master’s Programs, gather to give presentations and offer placements to SSE Riga students.

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Je Joue is a place where all students can come together and express their talents, dreams, and ideas through the medium of art and culture. We believe that life is too short to follow the herd mentality and take the safe path, which is why we encourage students to use their minds, question the status quo and embrace their own uniqueness.


As the leading university debate society in the Baltic States, the Debate Society is a community of people interested in controversial issues and current affairs. They participate in various competitions across Europe and also run the annual international SSE Riga Debate Tournament.


180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest student-driven consultancy with 81 branches scattered around the world. 180 DC offers consulting services to organisations driven by a social mission. By working on projects in marketing, strategy, fundraising, organisation management, etc., our consultants not only get a hands-on experience, but also tackle such problems as homelessness, unemployment, poverty, gender inequality, lack of healthcare and education.


The principal goal of the Charity Club is to increase awareness of the responsibilities we bear to one another. Every single, little deed is important and can change our path later in life! The Charity Club has a long-term friendship with orphanage “Zīļuks” in Madona’s district. They also go to trips to animal shelters, organise different donations and collaborate with Māras center.


The iFund is one of the oldest organisations at SSE Riga. Its aim is to prepare young financial specialists who are fluent in financial markets and trading. Knowledge and experience is shared throughout the organisation via various seminars, which are held by professionals who work in investment banking, retail banking, audit, or financial advisory.

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