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Responsible for providing the SA with financial and non-financial resources to improve the study life experience beyond the academics at SSE Riga. Business Committee cooperates with other committees and organizations to strengthen the employer brand of the SA partners and sponsors.


Responsible for organizing weekly sports practices for SSE Riga students and Alumni. Sports Committee also organizes various event such as Winter and Summer Symposiums, Olympic Games and tournaments.


Event Committee organizes most of the parties starting from Newcomers Camp and ending with the Graduation Party, and their responsibilities include coming up with the right theme, arranging technical equipment, inviting the best DJs and negotiating the best deals.


Responsible for the Student Association's public image and making the SSE Riga brand to be as popular and well-perceived as possible. Marketing Committee also takes care of the visual solutions: event posters, school pictures and visualizations. They also make sure that social media sites are updated and events promoted.


The Information Committee provides students with information essential for personal development, such as news about conferences, events or job opportunities. The committee is also responsible for monthly reports about the SA activities, and creating Newcomers' Guide, General Report, and Yearbook.


Education Committee’s main duty is working towards improving the quality of education at SSE Riga by being the link between students and the administration and the faculty. The chairperson is responsible for holding Advisory Board meetings and taking part in development of policies and strategies aimed at achieving the school’s objectives in teaching and learning.


IT Committee assists Student Association and organizations in development and maintenance of IT solutions, provides solutions for technical problems. By creating and updating websites, promotion pages, and online communication channels, the committee ensures visibility of the SA and works as a bridge between other committees.


Alumni Committee is the bridge between SSE Riga students and the Alumni Association. Their responsibilities include managing Mentorship Program, and assisting the Alumni Association in the organization of events such as Scholarship Ceremony, Presidential Dinner, and Homecoming.