Buddy system is a mentorship program between Y1s and Y2s. Each Y1 in the very beginning of the school year is assigned to a Y2 who has previously expressed the will to become a mentor for one or more Y1 students.



Y1 mentees and Y2 mentors must contact each other at least four times per year so that the mentor is informed how the mentee is doing academically and in his extracurricular activities, but the mentees are more than welcomed to contact the mentors whenever there is a need for that. Studying advice, tutoring, previous years’ notes, exclusive information about committees and organization – mentors’ duty is to help the Y1 students better adapt to the university life.
Each of the four meeting has a more specified time and topic to be covered during the meeting:

In the beginning of studies (August – September): Introduction. 

The mentor introduces the mentee to the school itself and the processes of studies, answering any questions that the Y1 student might have. Also, the mentor should introduce the mentee to the many organizations SSE Riga has.

In the beginning/middle of October: First exams and the election process.

As Y1s have had their first exams, it could be useful for the mentees to receive advice about the different styles of learning and how to deal with failing exams. Moreover, as elections are approaching, it is advised to inform the mentee about the election process. The mentors are responsible for popularizing the Students Association and organizations among the mentees.

During winter: Academic progress.

The mentor should be informed about the academic progress of the mentee, answer any questions that might arise and give advice if any help is needed.

April-May: The internships and end of the year.

The mentors should give advice from their personal experience to the mentees about finding internships. Also, summarizing everything that has happened during the first year is advised.



Ispirs Haradžanjans

Phone: +371 29 569 890

Email: IHaradzanjans@sseriga.edu


Marija Dvorņikova

Phone: +371 29 515 534

Email: MDvornikova@sseriga.edu

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