Alumni Careers 2015

The Student Association’s mission is to provide environment for the development of the students. To achieve this goal we regularly organize conferences, events, and seminars to provide as many opportunities for growth as possible.

After a year-long planning and organization, Alumni Careers 2015 took place on November 6th. The event was organized by the Education Committee and attracted the audience of more than 100 students. The event was opened by a speech from the first president of the Student Association, Matīss Paegle, and continued with four parallel sessions by successful SSE Riga alumni sharing their experiences, trends, career insights and opportunities in entrepreneurship, finance, economics and marketing.

The Education Committee is now glad to share the videos of the most exciting speakers. Here is the opening speech by Matīss Paegle:

And for entrepreneurship-minded, Jānis Spoģis, a co-owner of the most successful Latvian start-up, AirDog, talked about challenges and perks of starting your own business:

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