The Board of 2015 on Official Visit to Stockholm

BoardStockholm-32During the last weekend of September, the SA Board visited their colleagues and friends from Stockholm School of Economics (in Stockholm) Student Association, SASSE, and joined them to celebrate the grand finale of the culture week! During the trip, the SA Board of SSE Riga got insights in the working process, structure, and daily life of the SASSE. Each committee had the opportunity to interact with their colleagues from Stockholm, find out more about their projects, daily responsibilities and duties, as well as to visit their Committee offices.10428137_511804962297421_764551482013178713_o As there is a strong collaboration between the boards of 2015/2016, on October 10-11 the Education Committee is welcoming in Riga their colleagues from Sweden – the Board of the Education Committee of the SASSE. During their visit both committees plan to discuss the projects they are working on, share the valuable experience and, of course, have some decent, joint team building activities. This visit is seen as another important step towards greater and stronger cooperation between both of the student associations. Coming back to our trip to Stockholm – in the evening, the SA Board attended the Hwette & Etiquette banquette, a classy event in celebration of the end of the culture week. At the banquet, the guests of the night were sent to split destinies – depending upon whether we were naughty or nice, were sending us either to heaven or hell. Together, we got acquainted with the most unusual Swedish traditions, watched the movie created by SASSE Media Committee “The SASSE fee”, sang Swedish traditional songs, tasted some Swedish dishes (and some not-only-Swedish drinks) and enjoyed the fest until late in the night! This was a different style of event that the SA will try to gradually implement at SSE Riga. With a lot of takeaways, the SA Board got home safe and sound and already started implementing new ideas!12094993_929976527039777_5990460627264985454_o

Also, to see more photos from the event, check out the gallery on The Social Committee‘s Facebook page here: